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[Switch] Hori Taiko Drum $111.01/ $108.13/ $105.96 Delivered @ Play-Asia

samwaldo 4142 Posts 4142 Karma
samwaldo posted this 14 November 2020

I have been eyeing this Hori drum, however with Corona, the price has been inflated + shipping is regularly being sold around $150 - $160 on ebay or Amazon.

Play-Asia seems to have the cheapest price ($100.92) + currently they are doing free airmail shipping promo(play-asia.com), which brings it to $111.01 after tax.

Edit: credit to @Spiderdragon & @chcse, using the coupon code PLAYASIAWEEK, will bring it down to 108.13 or 5% off with CENSORED to $105.96.

Not the lowest but definitely cheaper than what being offered lately.

Am planning to do some modding later, so the drum can be played using regular taiko stick.(mobile.twitter.com)



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