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Kogan SmarterHome Glass Smart Kettle with Alexa / Google Home Integration $49 Plus Post

samwaldo 2592 Posts 2592 Karma
samwaldo posted this 3 weeks ago

I don't drink tea or coffee (I am fuelled by Diet Coke, always purchased at $1.60 per Litre or less). My wife however drinks a cup of tea every hour. So every hour I am asked to get out of my comfy chair and boil the kettle. (As a married man I live in hope of one day having sex, so I never refuse).

I have searched the internet to find a Google Home-enabled kettle to save me at least 50% of my current chores, but had until recently not found anything suitable for a 240V/10A/50Hz outlet.

Enter Kogan with their SmarterHome kettle. Except when I found it last week, it was $160 plus delivery, so I added it to my wishlist. Today - price has dropped to $49 plus post.

Score! In fact I might even score.

It's Kogan so it may only last 6 months, but it'll be worth it.


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