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eBay Technology Deals: Archer D9 Modem+Extender $160, ASUS RT-AC68U $188, VR600 VDSL $124, Galaxy S7 dualSIM $535, HTC 10 $495.2

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samwaldo posted this 2 weeks ago
Phones From Vaya Price Before Price After Notes
HTC 10 64GB from Vaya(ebay.com.au) 619 495.2 Limited stock
Samsung Galaxy S7 G930FD Dual SIM 32GB vaya(ebay.com.au) 669 535.2 Black version is cheaper
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935FD Dual SIM 32gb Gold only(ebay.com.au) 739 591.2 Gold costs less
Computer Deals from Shopping Express Outlet   0  
Asus RT-AC68U AC1900 1900Mbps(ebay.com.au) 235 188 Eligible for $20 cashback
ASUS RTAC58U AC1300 1300Mbps(ebay.com.au) 158 126.4 $20 cashback
TP-Link Archer VR400 VDSL Modem Router(ebay.com.au) 165 132 Normally 143 from MSY
TP-Link Archer VR600 AC1600(ebay.com.au) 144 124 Normally 170 Use COUNT20
TP-Link Archer D9 AC1900 ADSL2 (Not VDSL!)(ebay.com.au) 180 160 Normally 219. Can claim Wifi Extender. Use COUNT20
Seagate IronWolf 10TB NAS HDD(ebay.com.au) 610 488 Normally 569 from MSY
Western Digital WD Caviar Red 6TB(ebay.com.au) 398 318.4 Normally 375
Sandisk 240GB SSD PlUS 530MBs(ebay.com.au) 123 103 Must use a $20 coupon COUNT20
Other CTAX20 deals      
Samsung EVO Plus 64GB μSDXC card(ebay.com.au) 39.9 31.92 Local stock
Sandisk SSD PLUS 480GB(ebay.com.au) 218.95 175.16 Ships from Taiwan. Normally 200
15% off Deals with CALM code      
LG V20 H990 DualSIM 64GB + SD + cable(ebay.com.au) 475 403.75 Credit to Pissulr
Samsung Gear S2 RM732 Classic + Armband(ebay.com.au) 260 221 CALM
Samsung Gear S3 SM-R770 Classic Blk Leather + Armband(ebay.com.au) 390 331.5 CALM
LG G6 H870DS 64GB Platinum(ebay.com.au) 629 534.65 (Techno2000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935FD 64GB Dual SIM from QD(ebay.com.au) 709 602.65 (Is actually slightly cheaper from Vaya)
ASUS DSL-AC68U VDSL AC1900 Modem router NBN(ebay.com.au) 290 246.5 CALM
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (32GB, Gold, Australian Model)(ebay.com.au) 732.78 622.86  


Important links

ASUS EOFY offer(asuspromotion.net) remember to apply for $20 cashback after you receive your goods.
TP LINK Promotion page(tp-link.com.au) go here after you receive your Archer D9

Networking FAQ's

  • I have NBN Fiber to the Node that requires VDSL, or I think I will be getting Fiber to the Node, but I'm still using ADSL2+. What should I buy?

The best choice is ASUS DSL-AC68, but also try Archer VR400 or the V600 series for budget range.

  • I have NBN Fiber to the Home or Hybrid Coaxial. What should I buy?

you can buy anything you want. But the best choice is the ASUS RT AC68U, and for budget users, try the cheaper ASUS RT-AC58U.

  • What is the TPLINK D9 Archer and what does it do??

The D9 Archer modem is a very high end ADSL2 modem router with USB ports, beamforming etc but it cannot do NBN Node…. but can be used for NBN Fiber to the Home, and NBN HFC (Hybrid Coaxial). It is a good value device and you can redeem the extra Wifi Extender.

  • What about VOIP?

For VOIP, you must ask your current ISP provider on details about VOIP compatible modems. The modems I listed here don't have VOIP ATA ports. You must purchase an external one.


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